Kool Kids Start Some Good


Kool Kids Start Some Good is an idea developed by young people, for other young people. A youth led initiative that simultaneously addresses the health and wellbeing disparity between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people and contributes to better educational and vocational opportunities for Aboriginal youth.

It’s a program that seeks to close the gap between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people  in terms of health outcomes and life expectancy. In Australia today it should not be the case that you die younger and are less healthy just because you are Aboriginal.

Expected outputs:

Young people will improve their health and fitness
Young people will be more motivated to go to school
Young people will reduce or completely stop smoking, using drugs and other substances
Young people will have better skills to deal with issues in their life

The program will also endeavour to partner with local Universities and TAFEs to recruit Aboriginal personal trainers, nutritionists, life coaches and mentors to facilitate the program. We believe this is important as we hope to strengthen community engagement and provide opportunities for young people to work closely with professionals from the same cultural background.

 Expected outcomes of employing Aboriginal health professionals:

Young people may be inspired to finish school and go on to university
Young people exposed to possible health career opportunities
Young people are mentored by Aboriginal tertiary students
Aboriginal tertiary students are given employment opportunities to develop their skills


The program will provide a pick up and drop off service. This will ensure that young people are going to school/training/employment. 

Our very own Kool Kids Leaders are spearheading this campaign and are passionate about creating a healthy future for themselves and the next generation, but they can't do this by themselves. They've enlisted the support of Weave Youth & Community Services to help them bring their vision to life.

We need everyone that supports us, and believes in our young people to get behind this fundraising initiative and to give generously. We need everyone to share the link with their friends, families, partners, colleagues and buddies. The success of this project relies on everyone doing their bit to spread the word and promote it across all social media platforms. 




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