Generous donations make women and children very happy

Weave Women and Children’s Centre have had a fabulous start to the year with a lot of helpful donations. A group of our mothers were very excited by the personalised packs received from Dandelion Support Network. Each mother was provided with all the essentials to help with everyday parenting and this great organisation even tailored clothing and toys to the needs of each of our children. 

Another great donation was received from a company called Cloth Concepts who were able to supply the service with a large amount of material needed for our upcoming “Wrapped in Angels” workshops. This workshop is a journey of discovering the meaning and connections that a person draws upon in their life to nourish qualities such as love, comfort and inspiration.

The outcome will be a unique blanket to bring closer strengths, protection, connections and relationships that are meaningful to each participant. This creative process will also engage with the spiritual contexts of their life and can serve on a journey towards self care, recovery and healing.

Finally a nice surprise came from Girlfriend Magazine, who put together an assortment of goodies for our clients. Everyone had the chance to rummage through jewelry, makeup, accessories and clothing and walk away with something that made them feel special.

A huge thanks to Dandelion Support Network, Cloth Concepts and Girlfriend Magazine for their generousity and kick starting 2014 with smiles and hope. 






Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.