Garden Stories


Weave has been running a fantastic gardening program called “Veg Head”, which is held on the rooftop of the building every Wednesday morning. The garden has been built and nurtured by all the young participants attending the program, including the beautiful wood raised garden beds.

My name is Kat and I've been participating in the program for about 4 months, and have learned all kinds of gardening skills and tips including- How to grow all different types of vegetables, how to best cook certain vegetables, and learned about herbs and their medicinal uses. The boys that attend the program love getting their hands dirty landscaping and using drills, saws, renders and chisels.

We have even been part of workshops learning how to carve, sand, and paint didgeridoo's and emu collars. 

Our main tutor and guide for the group is Ben – an awesome landscaper who travels from the Blue Mountains and teaches us all these useful skills. I'd just like to acknowledge and appreciate Ben and thank him for all that he does for us. The beautiful rooftop garden wouldn't look so professional without him. 

I've absolutely loved the benefits of harvesting and taking home delicious and fresh vegetables. So much so that I was inspired to take the skills I'd learned home and start my own little vegie patch on my balcony! So far- garlic, chives, Lebanese cucumbers, tomatoes and sliverbeet!

My tip to help plants grow: Sing to them every morning when you water them!



Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.