This campaign aims to reduce the shameful overrepresentation of Aboriginal young people in custody in NSW. Currently more than 50% of young people in custody in NSW are Aboriginal and Aboriginal people make up only 2.2% of the population!!

Weave is a key member of the campaign working group, which has been working behind the scenes for a number of years to try to address this important issue. The working group also includes representatives from Aboriginal Legal Service NSW/ACT, Aboriginal Medical Service, Blake Dawson Lawyers, NIDAC, Kerry Graham, Aboriginal Medical Service, ANCD and Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Network and Shopfront youth Legal Service.

The campaign aims to influence the New South Wales Government to shift spending that has been allocated for prisons towards community-based programs and services that address the factors that contribute to offending behaviour in young people.

Justice reinvestment is about taking taxpayers dollars out of prisons and putting them back into communities. When implemented, justice reinvestment programs benefit entire communities, not just Aboriginal young people. It’s about building communities not prisons! The campaign launch will be held this evening at Government House…watch out for media reporting on ABC news, SBS news and The Project tonight, The Sydney Morning Herald page 5 today and lots more.

Check out the campaign website for more information and to register your support for the campaign: http://justicereinvestmentnow.net.au/

Watch the video featuring two of our wonderful Weave young people, Trei Stewart and Raymond Button! As well as Jessica Brown who is supported by the White Lion program. www.youtube.com/justicereinvestment

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