Kool Kids Club – Volunteers Wanted to Support Program Activities

Weave's Kool Kids Club (KKC) is an educational outreach and prevention program for children aged 7-13 years living in La Perouse and surrounding areas. Working with local schools the KKC provides FREE after school and holiday activity programs to support the development of resilience and life skills for children and young people.

KKC focuses on a strengths based perspective to improve school engagement and successfully transition into high school. KKC is an important community program that also builds connections with community and family.

Over 85% of the children that attend Kool Kids Club identify as Aboriginal.

Kool Kids have a “Switch Leadership and Mentoring Program” working with children aged between 12 to 17 years. This program works with children transitioning from primary school into high school and throughout the high school years. This program nurtures leadership qualities, encourages the participants to take an active role in supporting their peers and promotes positive school experiences that make the transition into high school and the high school years successful. 
The ‘Next Step Switch Program’ works with older Switch Leaders and builds skills in to enable the young people to engage in community development, community leadership and employment. 

Similar to the Middle Years Program, the Kool Kids Club is seeking volunteers who feel they could be engaged with the programs over a longer period of time.  Ideally volunteers would have skills that they can impart or teach to the children and young people and/or be energetic and willing to engage in physical sports and activities.


All volunteers for the Kool Kids Club are required to attend a half-day induction.


If you’re interested, and we hope you are, download the Volunteer Application Form and send it to lucy@weave.org.au or to P.O box 2459 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012. Alternatively you can call Lucy Butler on 9344 7963.



Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.