The service takes complaints seriously and respects the rights of service users and others who wish to make a complaint. All complaints will be responded to in writing by either the appropriate Team Leader, the Operations Manager or the CEO. 

Weave welcomes complaints regarding all areas of the service including operations, management or employee conduct. 

Any person or organisation involved with Weave, or those affected by its operations, have the right to give feedback or make a complaint without fear of retribution. 

Weave is committed to using the information gained in the complaints process to improve the organisation. 

Weave recognises that people need avenues to give feedback, including how to make a complaint to Weave, and are entitled to have their concerns addressed fairly, promptly and transparently. 

Weave understands this information may be sensitive and will respect the person’s right to confidentiality and handle complaints in a fair and timely manner. 

Weave has industrial and legal responsibilities to take all reasonable steps to identify and resolve grievances in the workplace.

To view our "How to make a complaint" procedure please download our Complaints and Grievances policy.

To make a complaint please use our Complaints Form available here.

For more information about complaints please contact our office on (02) 9318 0539.





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