Weave Achieves National Accreditation 


In December 2014, Weave Youth & Community Services underwent an external review by assessors from Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) and achieved accreditation at Certificate Level of the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES).

Accreditation is independent recognition that Weave meets all requirements outlined in the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES)* quality framework.

What are the Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES)?

The Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) 3rd edition is a quality framework owned by the Federal Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI). ASES supports community service organisations to effectively manage resources, gain better understanding of customer needs and improve accountability and reporting.

Reference – Quality Innovation Performance website; http://www.qip.com.au/standards/australian-service-excellence-standards-ases/


Being an accredited organisation gives our clients, staff, funding bodies, stakeholders and donors, confidence that Weave is an organisation committed to safety and quality. It also provides assurance that Weave operates an efficient organisation that complies with all relevant regulatory requirements.

To achieve accreditation Weave undertook extensive preparation reviewing all policies, procedures and work processes to ensure best practice. Weave then underwent a rigorous audit by an independent, external assessment team to be awarded this accolade. Our involvement in the ASES accreditation process demonstrates our willingness for organisational transparency and our commitment to continuous quality improvement.

We are very proud to have achieved this nationally recognised certification.




Weave works with young people, children, women and families in the heart of Sydney.